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Effective media relations

What have you got to shout about?

When deployed in the right way, media relations can be a very cost-effective way of raising your company’s profile.

Good media and online coverage will boost your brand recognition and reputation, and can set you apart from your competitors. Yet employing a media relations agency full time is costly.

We can help you to get heard through, effective media relations.

Our online media and social media distribution framework combines online and offline media channels with your social media presence to get the results you need. This combination helps to create noise, while focusing on certain keyword phrases pushes you to the top of the search engine ratings.

Mark Thomson, Vertical Marketing Manager – Retail & Hospitality at Zebra Technologies Europe said, “Zebra products are sold into a wide variety of applications and markets and all of our press releases and case studies are translated into multiple languages. This creates unique challenges in constructing an English version that will translate effectively… With Incognate’s help, we have significantly increased the positive visibility of Zebra’s products in the EMEA region.”

If you recognise the need to take a different approach to media relations call us now on 0845 331 6069 or complete our contact form and we will be in touch within 24 hours.