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Messaging framework

Are you being heard?

Markets constantly change and evolve – so too do your clients’ needs. Yet, when was the last time you reviewed your messaging? You may be carrying out a lot of marketing activity, but are you really being heard?

Change, innovation and new competition can all affect your market share; keeping your propositions and collateral up-to-date is important. Our messaging framework we will help you to identify key messages to drive and support the creation of regular, fresh and engaging content.

“ITRS products are quite technical so good examples are needed and simplification is a valuable skill. Incognate are good at that. They have copywriters who are able to describe what technology achieves whilst avoiding technical terms.” Patrick McVeigh, Marketing Director, ITRS Group

Incognate also provide proposal, boilerplatesbid and tender editorial and copywriting support.

Call us now on 0845 331 6069 to kick-start the process to review, refine and refresh your propositions. We can help you to create engaging and powerful messaging to truly influence your target audience.