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Content driving sales

Recent years has seen the business to business sales cycles become more extended, more complex and prompting significant changes to the way company’s research, identify and buy new services and solutions.

Download a copy of our infographic highlighting key content elements required for every step of the sales and buying cycles.

The latest B2B Marketing Content Benchmarking Report says “Highest content formats on the ‘to do’ list are: blog posts (61%), case studies (45% and whitepapers (44%).

Sales Cycle Infographic thumbnailHighly effective content that supports your sales cycle is critical for you to get your voice heard today.

What does your content say about you? Is it tired and out of date? Is it inconsistent depending on the marketing channel it is consumed through? Does it reflect the power of what you can deliver and how your solution meets market requirements? Does it champion your solutions, strengthen your brand, raise your profile and support you in generating more new business?

Good quality content will ensure you get the attention of your buyers.

We can help you to educate, inform and inspire prospects with thought-provoking content, just as we have with Croner – “Incognate…never failed to deliver extremely strong and exciting content for all our marketing projects…” Cristina Serrati, Marketing Manager

Highly-experienced journalists, copywriters and designers

In competitive markets our team will create engaging bespoke content to get your voice heard and drive positive action. We provide the right content, in the right context throughout the sales and buying cycles to produce the right results for you.

Take your first step to developing engaging and thought-provoking content – contact us on 0845 331 6069 and ask to speak to Helen Fox or John Bancroft to find out how we can help you.