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What is the GDPR Impact on B2B Marketing?

A number of clients have asked us about current data protection laws, but also the new GDPR regulations and the impact they will have on business to business (B2B) email marketing. As it stands, the current data protection regulations on sending emails to organisations don’t apply, although you must still identify yourself and provide a valid address for responses. Be warned, from 25th of May 2018 the new GDPR rules could start to impact B2B email marketing. And, just to be clear […]

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Telemarketing Campaign Checklist

In our last telemarketing post we discussed how to design a successful campaign from a somewhat strategic level. This post goes from the conceptual to the actual and you can download our business-development-checklist that outlines what you should have in place BEFORE you launch your telemarketing campaign. Here’s a brief overview of the main checklist items and some of what you need to consider: 1. Define goals and objectives An objective may be to clean a list, nurture clients or generate new sales […]

how to produce a good b2b white paper

White Papers: How to Write a Good One

Has this ever happened to you? You’re scouring the internet to help you solve a problem at work. Or maybe at home. Either way you find a white paper that addresses your exact problem. Wonderful. So you dutifully enter your name and email in the little boxes and wait for it to arrive in your inbox You open the pdf and – dismay – the first line is something like: “Let Acme Widget Company solve your problem!” The rest of […]

How a White Paper Boosts Your Marketing

Search for ‘White Paper’ on the websites of Intel, IBM and Cisco and you are presented with thousands of results. Clearly these industry giants have a lot to say on a lot of topics and are working hard to present an image of thought-leadership. And they’re very good at marketing. They recognise the importance of white papers as part of their integrated marketing campaigns and raising their brand visibility. A 2015 poll* of B2B marketers put white papers top of […]

How to design a successful telemarketing campaign

In our first blog on telemarketing we established that within the B2B space telemarketing is NOT seen as the lowest of the low, it gets results and yields a healthy ROI. However, levels of success vary and – at the risk of stating the obvious – good planning can help to ensure your marketing funds are well spent. Here are five telemarketing ground rules: 1. Be clear what you’re trying to achieve And ‘more sales’ is not specific enough. B2B […]

Does telemarketing really work?

Imagine the scene. It’s 2pm on a Sunday and you’re just about to sit down to lunch. The phone rings – it’s Dave from Acme windows. Your heart sinks and you prepare yourself for a terse ‘no thank-you’. The insincerity of Dave’s ‘how are you today’ somehow seems magnified by the chatter of everyone else in what sounds like a vast call centre. Unsolicited phone calls to your home are the most annoying form of advertising for over a third […]

A case for case studies

In a climate where content abounds how do you make every word count? People still like stories. And that is why the humble case study should still figure as a valuable part of your sales and marketing battle kit. Is your content saying something fresh, relevant and valuable? Content marketing, to some extent driven by marketing automation, is creating a relentless need for fresh content. Under increasing pressure for results, all too often case studies are produced too quickly and […]

Is your marketing plan SMART enough?

A marketing department with clear objectives knows what it’s trying to achieve, right? But are your content marketing objectives SMART? Applying the well-known mnemonic isn’t just a gimmick, or box-ticking exercise, it’ll ensure your objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-scaled. Are your content marketing objectives Specific? When it comes to setting objectives for the year, it’s easy to get carried away with lofty goals that generalise an aim, but remember, you want to revitalise your messaging, not save […]

Kipling’s Man ‘How’ – get your message heard.

We have looked at Kipling’s men ‘who, when, where and why’ and how you can use them in a B2B marketing and communications context. In this latest blog we look at the ‘how’ you can get your message heard.

Kipling’s Man ‘Why’ – you need to build credibility

The fourth blog in our Kipling’s Men Series looks at Kipling’s man ‘Why’. In other words why should they listen to you? What makes you a credible provider of a product, service or solution?